Why college?
Not to think of it as a degree to rely on forever, rather taking those 3-5 years of your life to change your life completely.

How to do that?
By spending time with totally different people, by living like a pauper, and by getting comfortable with never getting comfortable

What to do to get there?
– Taking as many internships as possible
– Being an active member in college societies – by organizing fests, events, etc.
– Writing cold emails and asking for opportunities

Is college education rotten?
Colleges are selling what they’ve been selling for long. They don’t guarantee holistic development. They are just responsible for providing us the opportunity – to get a good network, get good internships and create opportunities for you.

The recruiter wants a degree which the college gives you, but real learning comes from courses and internships, doing those along with clearing college exams is the real game to sign up for.

Maintaining balance in college and internships:
Out of 24 hours, if we sleep for 8 and spend the rest 5-6 in college, we still have ten to spare. Also, when we really want something, we will find a way to make it happen.

What are the metrics for a good college?
– Very strict selection criteria
– Lots of opportunities for extracurricular activities
– Alumni who have gone on to do great things

But what if you realize you are in the wrong college?
If you can, quit and get to the right one. If you can’t, spend time outside of your college by writing cold emails to founders and doing several internships to get the real world learning.

My take on postgrad
If you want to work in India, MBA in India; if you want to work abroad, MBA abroad except the Ivy League Colleges that 

Postgrad should ideally be pursued after working for 1-3 years because you get a perspective, you get to know how real world works


To bring things home:
Do not put pressure on the college to help you find your purpose. Purpose isn’t an equation where we input our college degree and we find it. It takes time and it requires awareness to understand that what you truly want from life is totally different from someone else.

If you inculcate and practice this awareness during college, you would have already made the best of your college (and life) education.