Here is how I bought my first ever laptop, at the age of 23! 


I was a student in the US.
On a 100% scholarship.
Which was enough to pay for my living.
But not enough to buy a laptop.

So what did I do?

Jugaad :))

The physics books in my curriculum were very expensive in the US but very cheap in India.
Because of what is called an Asian edition.

When I came back to India during the summer holidays, I went to Nai Sadak, which is a huge book market in Old Delhi.

I filled a suitcase with physics books!

When I returned to the US, I listed them as second-hand books on eBay.

In India, the books were priced at Rs. 400.
In the US, they cost Rs. 4,000.

I listed them at Rs. 1,500, and sold all those books within 2 weeks!

I earned $1,000.
And that’s how I bought my first laptop :)