In late Sep 2015, I started a personal initiative

“Lunch with Warikoo”

The company was growing faster than I anticipated. 

While I used to pride upon the fact that I knew the names of most people, not so much anymore

The initiative was driven by the insecurity of losing touch with my colleagues, than anything else. 

The initiative was to have lunch with a new person everyday. Across the country. 

And then to post about it on our employee Facebook group – much like “humans of New York” 

Yesterday I completed the 50th such lunch. 

18 of them in person. Rest on hangouts. 

I have had people cook for me

I have had people bring me gifts

I have had people cry in front of me

I have had people hug me

I have had people order food for me 

I have had people bring in their friends

I have had people write poetry for me

I have had people shower unconditional love, that I am largely undeserving of. 

And they have done all of this because I gave them my time. And they know it is the most precious thing I have. 

When you pick the most valuable thing in your life and are ready to share it, magic happens! 

What’s most precious to you? 

When are you sharing it?