All of us have a weak spot. 

Something that we know is not right with us. 

And we cannot do much to change it. 

Lazy, unorganized, procrastination, sloppy, unaware, non-detailed – whatever it is 

Even if you can’t do much to change it, you can do a lot to change the world around you. 

For the physically lazy, does the world around offer everything in an arm’s distance 

For the mentally lazy, does the world around offer work at the dim of the day

For the unorganized, does the world around include you in every email chain

There are two ways of dealing with your weak spot 

Work on it 

Or create a world around that doesn’t fuel it

Find your weak spot 

And then fight it, using the world and not your own self. 

When people say, hire people smarter than you, they mean people who fill in the weak spots you have.