I still remember that day in July 2002.

I was to leave for the US in a month.
It had been an expensive affair – paying for the exams, visa, books.
We were completely out of money.

And I needed overcoats.
Michigan is a really cold place.

No one we knew had spare overcoats.
Heck, no one even wore them in India :)

Dad figured a place in Old Delhi that sells used overcoats.
We took the bus.
Reached Chandni Chowk market.
Found the place.
The old man was selling them for Rs.400 a piece.

We were overjoyed!
We had budgeted Rs.1000

Bought 2 overcoats.
Spent Rs.50 on kulfi faluda to celebrate :)

I still remember that day!
It taught me an important lesson of life.
The most wonderful memories in life do not cost money.