In 2012, I was 32 years old.
And weighed 90 kgs!

All my life, I had treated my body like a dustbin.
Dumped it with bad food at erratic times, with total disregard.

An accident led me to work on my health.

At that time, my colleague Ajay Singh gifted me a very tight tee shirt, that he called “Embarrassment Tee”.

He said:

“Ankur, whenever you go to the gym, you will wear this tee.
People are perhaps going to laugh at you.
You will feel embarrassed.
But this tee shirt will be a constant reminder that work still needs to be done!”

Using that metaphor, I still remind myself that I have work to do.
I still put myself in situations where I could get embarrassed.
I still wear an embarrassment tee.

Not only for fitness.
For life!