It is not funny how often I will speak to a person in their 20s who doesn’t like their job.

“Why do you not like it?”

“Oh, I am not creating any impact”

“Impact? How long have you been working?”

“6 months!”

“Who told you that impact needs to be created in just 8 months?”

Not their fault.

We have everything at a click.

Want Food? Click.
Latest Music? Click.
A cab? Click.
Books? Click.
Clothes? Click.
Love? Swipe Right! 

So this generation, for no fault of theirs, has not been trained to wait.
Their life has rarely been about waiting.
So they have failed to build a habit around patience.
However, the truth is, that most good things in life take time.

It takes time to be great at your job.
It takes time to find a good partner.
It takes time to find love, peace, happiness – all things that stay.

The best part if you are in your 20s?

You have that very time with you.

Make the most of what you are looking for, by making the most of what you have already – your time.
The impact will inevitably follow.