We are often told that quitting is a bad thing.

Because winners don’t quit.
Winners say yes to everything.
Winners hustle!
Winners are constantly motivated.
Sleep is a waste of time for winners.

They’re all LIES.

In fact, winners quit all the time.

They quit unhealthy relationships.
They quit toxic jobs.
They quit interactions that force them to be vicious.
They quit their decisions if they haven’t worked despite best attempts.
They quit situations if they are not headed in the right direction anymore.
They quit any bias that prevents them from exploring new differing perspectives.

What is the mark of a true winner?

To know when to stop doing something.
To know when to change course.
To know when to reassess, reimagine, and reconfigure.

Change exists not to make you full of fear.
It exists to make you full of courage. If you fully embrace it.