The Indian School of Business (ISB) today launched a first-of-its-kind program titled the Young Leaders Program – India’s first leadership programme for students in pre-final year of graduation

Under the YLP, the ISB will select students who have excellent academic and extra-curricular credentials, and demonstrate leadership potential. They will be mentored and groomed by ISB faculty through a well designed learning programme that will equip them with skills to ensure a seamless transition from college to work life. And eventually offer them gauranteed admission to ISB’s flagship 1-year PGP in Management.

Candidates selected into the YLP are required to complete one year and nine months of work experience before joining the ISB’s PGP. During this period, students will attend contact programmes at the ISB campus at the end of every six months. The contact sessions at the ISB will focus on enhancing their leadership quotient, expose them to diverse career options, network and build relationships with like-minded YLP peers and ISB alumni, share experiences and gain valuable lessons from them.

Read more about the YLP here –

My Personal Verdict

The program is definitely well placed to capture young bright minds and groom them to be future leaders. I would have ideally liked the experience band to be beyond 1.9 years but then considering that 10% of the batch is already at this average, its a smart move to make ISB the preferred MBA destination for this target audience, during the college days itself. This way you incentivize people to work for 2 years before doing an MBA, get them a world-class MBA as well and also capture the best minds for your class.

I consider this an innovative move from the admissions department.

Would love to see something similar now for middle-management folks as well. Company identifies future leaders and prepares them for a 1-yr PGPM at ISB.