Lines are good. We all stood in them in the school assembly.

And then we grew up.

To go to college. And then office.

But the lines still existed. In a coffee shop. In an airport check-in gate. In a metro.

With only one difference: Our teachers were not there anymore, to ask us to maintain discipline and be a civilised human being. And then, our real selves popped out.

Some of us were still patient.
Others went on to break the lines and get a privilege.
Others went on to create a stampede.
Some even went ahead with cursing and hitting each other.

And more often than not, whenever we were not patient, we used to think that the system is incorrect, for making us wait in such long lines.

Little did we realise, that whenever we are forced to be at a place where we have the slightest discomfort, it reveals who we are loud and clear.

Same is about waiting in a line.

Who you are, while waiting in a line, is who you truly are.