I was at the TEDx IITRoorkee this weekend and as always loved my time with young minds

What’s becoming increasingly obvious is that this generation in under immense pressure.

The nature of questions thrown at me by the students reaffirmed this opinion.

At the bottom of this pressure is this paralyzing sense of self doubt. Led by the view that everyone else, except them, have it figured out.

Because hey,

People seem to be eating the nicest looking food

Wearing the nicest looking clothes

Clicking the nicest looking selfies

Vacationing at the nicest looking beaches

Matched with the nicest looking self esteem possible

Someone has to tell them that it’s all a fucking lie

That everyone is going through the same anxiety as you

Everyone experiences self doubt

Everyone thinks the opposite person is more sorted

Everyone thinks they are not good enough

It’s how they react to it that makes all the difference

Your uniqueness is not defined by your experiences

Rather your reactions

Repeat after me

I am not alone in feeling this

I am alone though in fighting this