All the work we do at wariCrew is documented and tracked on @Asana.

We have been using it for 2.5+ years now — with awesome success. 

3 reasons why:

1. It keeps everyone accountable.

2. It allows us to manage projects and their various tasks and dependencies efficiently.

3. It keeps us on time — across content and courses.

It is also the system that determines the timeliness of team members, which in turn, drives 40% of their quarterly bonus through profit sharing.

How is the profit-share determined for every individual?

While the pool is common for the team (10% of net profits), the individual amounts are determined 60% by the quality of their work (which is reviewed through their monthly self-rating followed by my assessment) and 40% by the timeliness of their work. 

Last year, the total profit-sharing pool was 52 lakhs.Such tools help our team of 21 operate remotely and asynchronously.