One of the most frequently asked questions to me is: “How do you manage to wake up early?”

Logic says several answers to it:

  • Keep your workout gear next to your bed
  • Alarm clock in another room
  • Burpees on waking up, etc.

All of these work, until they don’t.

The true question to address is “How to sleep on time?”

If you’re sleeping at 11 and want to wake up at 4, the motivation will certainly stop on Day 4.

What if we get a night-time schedule, that makes it impossible to sleep late? Something like:

  • Having dinner 2-3 hours prior to planned bed time
  • Spending time doing activities that relax you
  • Planning for the next day

It turns out, if we turn to twist the outputs without changing the inputs, the motivation won’t lasts.
The more we strive to get the inputs right, the more the outputs automatically take care of themselves.