1. Doing difficult things. Even when you don’t feel like doing them. You can earn decently and have your pleasures even when you don’t do difficult things. But an easy life hardly becomes a happy life.
  2. Living by your own definition of success and failure. So that when you succeed, it is on your own terms. When you fail, you know where to close the gap towards getting successful.
  3. Not caring what others think of you. The burden of others’ opinions is not for you to carry. Carrying your own life is in itself an act of courage. Carrying other’s opinions is in itself an act of cowardice. Knowing the difference, is superpower.

We often think we have to be cut from a different cloth, in order to become the top 1% of the world.
Hardly wondering, that we have to focus on creating and living in a cloth created by ourselves, and we have already won 99% of the battle.