A bank interest rate?
A fixed deposit rate?
A stock market rate?
An extremely risky investment rate?

It shocks me how casual people are towards their money. Considering the percentage of people unhappy with their jobs, it’s amazing how many disrespect perhaps the only thing they are working for.

Be brutal with your money. Make it work for you.

My driver earns 12k a month. 8 months back he got up and bought himself a second hand auto.
In cash
For 100k
He paid an advance of 40k. And then came to me for a loan for the rest.
I was blown away! In awe of his audacity. And gladly gave him the money. But not before I asked – what if I hadn’t. You didn’t even ask me before buying.
I knew you would. And if you didn’t, I would have lost just 5k.

That auto earns him 8k a month now in rental.

Start planning your taxes
Take risks with your money
Be prepared to lose all
Make money your slave

Now go on and buy YOUR auto!