My wife was way out of my league!

I was the super geeky and serious kid who had notions about what is right and wrong.
She was the Shahrukh Khan in everybody’s life – happy and going with the flow :))

We met in our University-special bus of the Delhi University.
Started off as friends.
Gradually began dating a year later.

But then, I was set to move to the US for my studies.

Long distance relationships are known to be tough.

Even today, when technology allows 2 people to be together virtually 24×7.
Imagine what they must have been like, 20 years back?

That’s what Ruchi and I did.

For 2 years, we only spoke for 30 minutes every week.
Because that’s all I could afford!

We made it through.

We got married 7 years after we started dating.

I’ve learned so much from her.
She taught me that happiness is a choice.
One that we make every single day.
Even during the toughest times in my life.

Now, when we look back at our photographs from college,
I look at her and say, “Thank you.”
Because I have no idea why she chose me, but I’m glad she did.

And she happily says, “You are welcome!” ??