How do you celebrate your first half-a-million?

YouTube was the platform where Ankur Warikoo clocked his first 500,000 followers once wariCrew was formed.

To celebrate this milestone, all of us decided to have a virtual offsite, where Supriya from our team led us for a fluid art workshop, followed by lunch and random banter. 

It turns out, celebrating success is equally if not more important than all the hard work to get there.

Some BTS:

1. Ankur’s colours and canvas were used by his kids two days prior only. He had to order a new set :)

2. Some of us were fortunate enough to have it delivered to our doorstep just an hour before the scheduled time.

3. The lunch that day was on the company that day, and Ankur had cham cham in dessert, which of course, he didn’t offer to all of us :))