Here is an unpopular opinion – just as we make new friends we need to fire old ones as well. 

When we make friends, it is close to guessing. Guessing how the person might turn out to be, how the friendship will pan out, how much will you grow in the relationship. 

And as it happens, some of our friendships truly work. And some don’t. 

It also happens, that we out grow some friendships. We stop to relate to them anymore. 

And we still continue with them. 

As if we are doing someone some favor. 

Rarely recognizing that there is more damage in the process. 

There are “friends” who pull us down. 

There are “friends” who discourage us.

There are “friends” who don’t inspire us. 

There are “friends” who are shallow. 

There are “friends” who aren’t truly friends. 

Fire them!

Because when you hired them, it was guessing. You didn’t know any better. 

Firing comes from a point of knowing. You now know who they are.