Its fashionable to start up today. To be a young CEO. To become an entrepreneur. To carry a “I’m CEO, Bitch!” business card.

To my readers in India, you quite likely already run a company.

It’s called your home.

It generates an income (your salary). It creates a product (you). And you employ people who help you run this business – your help. Your maids, servants, drivers, guards, delivery boys – all are your employees.

And if you want to know what kind of a CEO you will be in real life, just see how you treat these employees currently.

If you have high attrition and your maids/drivers leave you within weeks/months because of lack of trust/respect/fairness – then its quite likely that’s the kind of CEO you will be.

And if you have loyal, deeply engaged employees, who don’t have to be told what to do everyday and who are not driven just by money, then you know what kind of company will you create.

Entrepreneurship is real life. And that isn’t distinct from how you live your life.