I am passionate about entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship for me is not a verb but a state of mind. Its a personality trait. That some people are born with and most people can acquire in one’s lifetime.

Its this constant urge to build something, the justification of which very soon goes beyond financial gains.

Its about acknowledgement in a fashion that’s almost sadistic (because there are clearly easier ways of getting acknowledged!)

Its about decision-making that the world terms risky but are possibly thought through a million times over

Its about this cocaine that you are on, only that this doesnt kill (well, rarely!)

The earliest I can recall myself as one, was in the 7th grade when the Indian kid had just been subjected to a phenomenon never experienced before – WWF! It was the rage on TV and had crept into daily life through stickers, trump cards, posters and what have you! Not having seen a single show ever in my life and failing to understand what the deal was all about, I had made a neat Rs 300 profit by selling stickers of WWF stars for Rs 2 each, when a sheet of 10 such costed me Rs 5 (because apparently, most kids in our school didnt stay in middle-class areas where such low quality stickers were available!)

Ofcourse, the business shut down the day a kid aged much more (and built much healthier) had remarked that he too had started getting the same stickers at the same price. The arbitrage had lasted not more than 20 days!


I am an entrepreneur and will hopefully continue to be one all my life. Thats the only way I know. I have had only 2 jobs in my life and loved every bit of them because I got to do things that I would have done running my own businesses. They werent jobs for me.

And thats the way I would want others to feel to. My aim is to support entrepreneurs in this country become entrepreneurs! My aim is to support people in creating wealth, not merely distributing it. And if there is anything I can do in my limited capacity, it would be worth my time.

My aim is to let the cocaine of entrepreneurship run in as many people as I can!


If you are one, and think I can help, will be more than happy to offer any help whatsoever! Feel free to contact me.

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