I drop Vidur to school everyday.
The minute he enters and his bag is handed over to the teacher, I have to call his name out for him to respond
“Vidur, have a nice day”

Without looking back, he echoes the statement.
And goes in.

He meets the same people everyday
Goes to the same place everyday
Wears the same clothes everyday
Everyday is just like everyday

And yet
He enters with an enthusiasm that I can’t explain
He learns things he didn’t expect to
Or things he didn’t even know existed
He spends hours trying to make that house of books and goes at it again, goes at it again
And yet knows when he needs to move on

True entrepreneurs behave like kids
They are driven by a force most others can’t understand
And what’s seems a routine to others is actually not just everyday!

They say that I can move the mountains
And send them crashing into the sea
They say that I can walk on water
If I would follow and believe
with faith like a child
– Jars of Clay