A week back on Sunday, I posted a survey on instagram, at 5am.

Do you get up early everyday?

Within 3 hours I had an overwhelming majority – 83% saying yes!

At 9am I could have safely concluded that majority of my network on instagram wakes up early.

And then it happened.

The late risers started to wake up.

And they, just as everyone else, checked their phones first.

By 11am, the survey was 48% yes and 52% no.

Here is the best part though – I still don’t know the exact result.

What is “early” for you may not be for me.

So what did people have in mind when they said I don’t wake up early or that I do.

We will never find out.

What’s obvious though – is that through the day, I have enough occasions to convince myself of a conclusion.

A conclusion backed by primary data.

That’s how most of us end up behaving in real life.

We seek conclusions that validate our beliefs. We seek people that agree to our views. We crave for data that endorses our point of view.

And then we go “aha! I knew it!”

The destroyer of an echo chamber isn’t an alternate point of view. It’s you yourself.