This was something my professor told me several years ago and I didn’t make sense of it back then. Now I realize the power of what he said. And I think it applies to you too

My colleague Ajay Singh at a get together last week.

He continued

People like us worry a lot. All the time. Our minds work overtime.

Because we get tired easily. Very very tired

My professor had told – Ajay, whatever happens, don’t ever get tired.

You have to be ready at all times and address everything in the right manner.

If a conversation needs to happen face to face, you cannot do it over phone.
If a matter is to be addressed urgently, it doesn’t matter if ts 3 AM or you are drunk or on a date with your crush
You ll have to run when you can’t stand and you ll have to smile when you are sad.
You just cant be tired.

And that’s what I have to tell you as well.

It makes so much sense. Now that I think of it, the reason the last few years have been fantastic is because I chose not to get lazy.

Not just at work

But at life

Even if it means getting up early, or eating right, or not taking excel sheet decisions.

And that goes to everyone out there who worries.

Don’t get lazy! Don’t get tired!