A famous sculptor wanted to sculpt his final masterpiece on top of a hill and he wanted it to be his best work ever.

He worked, day and night, creating patterns and bringing the mountain stones to life.
And when it was all over, he asked a friend to come and see the end result.

The friend saw a stunning piece of art, from the foot of the hill and knew instantly that this was indeed the sculptor’s best work ever!

And so he climbed the hill, to congratulate his friend.
Once he reached, the sculptor insisted that the friend take a closer look and admire the finer aspects of the sculpture.
The friend noticed a crack and reported the same to the sculptor.

The sculptor paused for a minute. Stared at the crack.
One could see his expressions changing.
Without any warning, he took his hammer and destroyed the entire sculpture.

The friend was shocked. What just happened!

“Why did you do that?
No one would have noticed that crack from such a distance.
People would have still liked it!”

“But I noticed the crack.”

Most often we ask ourselves, “Will people like my work?”
But we often forget to ask ourselves, “Do I like my work?”