I have had the privilege of building several companies in the past 12 years.
I have also been a part of a few, while I was working.
I have seen some companies up close, while consulting or mentoring them.

It fascinates me how some companies are able to grow and deliver consistent, supernormal growth. While some just aren’t!

The biggest difference?

The way its people are made to feel about themselves..

Because how people feel at the end of the day drives how they act. 

Every single day, I get emails from people in well-paid jobs, working with great brands, in envious roles. Yet unhappy.

Because their boss doesn’t respect them.
Because their team members do not help.
Because people around them do not inspire.
Because the team is dysfunctional.

We just came back from our quarterly offsite – from Udaipur.

For 4 days, we ate, played, and slept together. Got to know each other.

None of us are geniuses. None of us are exceptional. No two people are similar.

And yet we come together, because we work as a team!
Because people feel they can be themselves.
They feel respected. And they respect each other.

Nothing makes you feel better about yourself, than this!

So the next time you are looking for a job – do your research.
Don’t just pick the highest salary or the best brand.

Ask during interviews – how do teams work, how does feedback flow, why do people leave, why do they stay.
Find out what it will be to live in this team, before you actually live in the team.

How you feel in your job is going to matter a lot more than how much you earn in your job.