Anyone who tracks the Internet space (which doesnt meant FB, btw) would have read Danny Sullivan’s article on how Bing is Cheating and Copying search results from Google.

This is brilliant! Not so much for the fact that Bing does this, but for the fact that this is possibly the first time that Google has ‘accepted’ in as many words that it can actually tweak search results to show what they want!

Let me repeat that

Google has FULL control over what they show to the user, down to the keyword level. Not just at an algorithm level!

WOW! Thats a lot of power

As a sidenote, saw the Social Network again on the flight this morning. I am definitely naming it my best movie of all times, not only because its a gripping biopic, wonderfully shot, beautifully enacted and masterfully tied together,  but also because it makes me feel that I have done nothing in life all these years!

I dont want to be Zukerberg, but I definitely want to be the guy who brings about a change that the WORLD notices! Fuck – 30 years are already gone!