If you want to be successful, you should know these 5 things about success:

1. “I want people to know I am successful” is a trap.

You want that phone, that car, that salary, that brand – to look good.
You want people to talk highly of you.

Truth is – people’s opinions about you don’t make you successful.
You are successful when you feel successful within!

2. If you are waiting for success to share your failure story, you haven’t understood failure. Or success.

3. The leading indicator of professional success is not the school you went to.

Not your grades.
Not your intelligence.
Not your ambition.

It’s your curiosity.

4. There is no success without micromanagement.

Micromanage the process.
Never the people.

5. Nothing will define success better than going to bed everyday, knowing you lived your day the way you wanted to, without caring what the world thinks of you.