1. What else could this mean?

For example, “My boss isn’t talking to me because she hates me!”
Well, maybe that’s true. Maybe it is not.
“What else could it mean?”

Go beyond your most obvious explanations.

  1. What is this telling me?

My teammates are always telling me that I am too nice.
I don’t like that.
But “what is this truly telling me?”

Our emotions/situations/circumstances are always telling us something.
Listen to them.

  1. Forget the world. WHAT DO I WANT TO DO?
    We are often caught up in what we think we should do, or what the world expects us to do.
    Whenever in doubt, ask yourself – What do I want to do?
    Truly want to do.
  2. Will this matter 3 months from now?

Our emotions are real. So real that they seem permanent.
But they are not.

Once the emotions are gone and we have given ourselves time and space, will what we are going through still matter?

  1. What is the worst thing that will happen? Will I be okay if it happens?

Our mind creates worst case scenarios and forces us not to take action to protect us from danger.

Once we imagine them vividly, we realise that most worst cases are not that bad.
It’s just in our head.