I often talk about “3 things” in my Instagram reels.

Today, however, is special.

Where I wish to speak about 3 magical words we all must speak: I trust you!

I trust you with your decision.
I trust you that you would have done your best.
I trust you that you are the custodian of company money, and will use it judiciously.

Most importantly, saying “I trust you” to our own selves lets us know that we have the power to figure things out. And will take care of watching out when things go out of way.

Trust is a scary word. Because most of us grew in absence of it.
However, when we start with trust, 99 out of 100 people eventually end up living to it.
Isn’t that a more beautiful thing than not trusting anyone?

What’s magical often begins as scary. And that’s superpowerful.