1) What are the things that I WANT to do?

These could be anything – do not put any constraints as yet. Do not think of whether you will get it, whether it’s the right thing for the future, or whether you are qualified. 

No constraints. 

Just a list of all the things you want to do. 

2) What is stopping me?

This is where the constraints are listed. 

It could be your capability, it could be your parents’ permission, it could be lack of opportunities, or it could be the fact that it doesn’t make enough money.

It could just be your mind tricking you that you can’t do it. 

Whatever is stopping you from doing it – figure that out. 

3) Which of these are in my control to fix?

THIS is the clincher. 

This is where you transfer control – from the world to yourself. 


Not your circumstances, your family, or the world. 

Which of these constraints are in your control to fix?

And you know what? You will realise that there are only so many things in your control. BUT if you were to take control of them – you will actually be ahead of most people in the same boat who want to do the same thing but never start.