The deals business makes you go through a beautiful ride everyday! It’s so close to the customers – every step and action of yours is public. Margin of error is…!

So we had this deal, that I thought was interesting. It runs today in Delhi – doorstep beauty service by VLCC – you know the typical women works – facial, waxing, Bleach, hair spa etc etc!

So here I was – oh wow – all these nice elements from a good brand, at a great price and what more – at one’s doorstep.

The deal failed!

Hit by massive depression, I go back home and quiz my mom, sis and wife! Here is the reason:
Going to a nice salon, is an escape from home! The idea of getting these treatments done while their daily routine is happening alongside, isn’t a dream you can sell!

I love this industry. You learn something new everyday!

Any reason why you think this failed?