Conversation with my Ola driver this morning 

  • There is no difference between Uber and Ola and Meru or any other. Difference lies in my willingness to work 
  • If I tell myself that I can do it, anything is possible 
  • Key is not to be lazy. If I have to get up and go to work, nothing else matters 
  • How I treat passengers (people) is not determined by rules defined by the company. It is determined by me. 
  • How much I earn is determined by the company rules. How much I earn from the money I earn, is determined by me 
  • I am 23. And I have my own car. I do not know the owner of Uber. Nor does he know me. That makes me the owner of my own life. I am CEO of my car. 

This guy just wrote a bestselling self help book in 35 minutes!