The past 3 weeks have been rough at work. Lot hitting us that we didn’t plan for, lot hitting us faster than we had planned for. 

And when shit happens, the easiest thing to let go off is the long term. The reason for your existence. Why did you get up in the morning. And why should anyone care. 

Because short term is a great thing. It’s now. It’s instant. It has a believable story. It shows a trend. It’s shows output. 

It doesn’t show outcome though. 

So in the middle of all of this, I just sat down and wrote. 

Wrote down every single emotion I was feeling. Where I fucked up. What signs did I ignore. Which faith did I turn into a belief. And which truth did I say no to. 

And from that emerged an honest document. Strangely, a document that I knew of all along in my head, but hadn’t seen it ever. 

As an entrepreneur, writing will not make you sell more or build better. It’s not possible. 

But it’s necessary.