holy sweet mother of jesus…what the hell is with this song that i listen to it some 97816967962892 times a day…! and why the hell is everyone else doing the same. its like the anthem at ISB this year…! and its fails to die down anytime soon. i do admit…the song rocks…and surprises surprises…its the slower version that rocks more for me!

yesterday was fun…and tiring. the classes were a little heavy…and AA (with his dry sense of humor….”this is knowledge in motion..!!!!!!!” – when the white board started rising by itself..!) did make the marketing class heavier than it should have been. it just reiterates my belief that americans have a much ‘live’ sense of humor which..even if thought of before…comes across as fresh and believable.

the accounting class was heavy as well…revenue recognition…phew!! was one of the moments when u realize that things are running past you…when the reality is that they are jst walking. and yet you cant catch up..! however, a couple of dedicated hours will make the difference. will happen over this weekend.

Everyone is really tense about the stats mid term…which makes me tense as to why am i not tense…! (ok..that sentence had a lot of ‘tense’es…did you notice..!!??). i guess they have mindblocked themselves against the stats thingy and thus making them vulnerable infront of the subject.

lets see what happens tom. oh btw…i am planning to buy a bean bag and reorganizing my room a bit. lets see how it works. want to feel more at home as long as i am here. R…where r u…? :(