When I am hiring people, these are the qualities I look for in candidates:

  1. Curiosity – Curious ones don’t start with solving the problem. They start with asking the right questions. And the questions solve the problems.

  2. Do they set up others for success?
    Do they share or hide?
    Do they take credit or share credit?
    Do they pick up high visibility tasks or are comfortable being behind the scenes?
    Do they work for their success in a way that sets others up for success as well?

  3. Do they need a follow-up?
    The sheer amount of time wasted collectively in following up is crazy!
    And if someone works in a way where they stick to their commitments or proactively update when the commitments are not being met, they are gold!

  4. Are they different from me?
    We all are drawn towards people who are like us. But, we perform at our best when we allow ourselves to evolve.  And that happens when we spend time with people who are nothing like us.