I take a course at a business school. And there is no final exam for that course. Just one question instead 

“List at least 3 things you learnt during the course”

All those who list 3 things fail the exam. 

“List at least 3 things you learnt during the course”

We are all fucked up in our heads to believe that success is determined by the world. 

The 3 things define my success

The task my manager has given to me defines my success

The call my spouse has asked me to make everyday defines my success

The career my parents have asked me to pursue defines my success

This much money defines my success

And yet, one simple glance at all those who we define as successful, will prove conclusively that none of them took the world’s definition of success as theirs. 

Successful people are scared to define what success is. 

They are scared they might reach it one day and wouldn’t know what to do thereafter. 

Do yourself a favor

Don’t let the world define success for you. Don’t even define it yourself.