What happens when a legendary sports player retires from the game officially?
What do they take away with them?
What do they leave behind?

As Roger Federer announces his retirement today, I get into a reflective mode. It got me thinking:

  • The game continues. It always does.
  • There will be players better than him, worse than him, but no one like him.
  • His dedication to the craft, the sacrifices he endured, the body of hard work he built – were his and his alone. And now ours, to draw inspiration from.
  • However, the reason he could rise to such exemplary levels and create multiple records without setting out to create them, was because he focused on what he could control: his game.
  • That is what we all get to control: our game. Nothing else. Not that of the competitors. Nor of anyone else. Just our own. And that is, more than enough.

Here’s to winning our own game. Because we choose to play it. Just like Roger. Roger that :)