This month I spent a fair share of my time conducting 1:1s with all the teams at nearbuy. Hear them out, their thoughts, views, reactions, responses to whatever is happening to them and around them. 

And I ended my message to them requesting the following:

Do yourself a favor and find out how much value you created for the organization, at the end of every day, week, month, quarter, year. 


We humans are insecure by default. 

In our relationships

At work

In life 

And we seek seek security – in every action of ours. This is the basic emotional need of everyone. 

Ironically, we seek it from the opposite party. 

I want my lover to make me feel secure

I want my organization to make me feel secure

I want my friends to make me feel secure

I want the world to make me feel secure 

That just sounds scary! Resting my most important emotional need in the hands of  someone else? 

Here is the truth about security 

True security comes from within. It comes from knowing the value you add or create. 

The value you add to this relationship 

To this organization 

To this friendship

To this marriage

To this person 

The absence of this knowledge will always make you feel insecure. 

The quantification of this value will never make you fragile 

Determine the value you add. Don’t let anyone define it for you. Don’t let anyone define your security.