They say entrepreneurs make better investors. Because they know the grind. They have been through the emotions. They recognize the fears and the irrational optimism. 

Entrepreneur turned investor

A combination that works 

Just that, it doesn’t. 

An investor’s default response is meant to be no. An investor’s job is to enter and exit businesses. Their mind is trained to meaure risk. Figure what will make it fail. And the probability of that. 

Entrepreneurs are stupid. They don’t need the 10,000 reasons why something would fail. They need that one reason why it would work. 

Two very different mindsets

Coke studio 9 (Pakistan version) released recently. Besides the awesomeness that it is, the thing that caught my attention the most was it’s entirely produced and directed by Strings. 

Strings – the music duo that created music, fantastic music, for 22 odd years. Charmed and mesmerized everyone. 

And are now producing music. Not creating it. Producing it. 

It struck me – that’s why entrepreneurs turned investors fail. They stop producing and directing. They only invest. 

Creator turned producer

Consider that as a combination. 

Consider that, as a mindset