This is one of my favourite real-life stories from my life.

Several years back, I used to take a course at an MBA school.

And the final exam of that course was:

“List at least 3 things you have learnt from this course”

Over 4 years, some 120 students took this exam.
And if it were me, I would pass only 6 of them. 

How does one “fail” such an exam?

The reason was because everyone except those 6 students listed EXACTLY 3 things they learnt in the course.

When my question was “List AT LEAST 3 things that you have learnt from this course.”

I tricked the students into believing a definition of success that I created for them – List 3 and you are successful.

And they stopped at that.
Stopped at the minimum expected from us.

That is what the world does to us EVERYDAY.

Our parents, our partners, our bosses, our friends, the world – is constantly asking us to get “just this done” in order to be successful.

We do it and “feel” successful.

We never stopped to ask ourselves – what does success mean to ME?

Do you know what success means to you?