I placed two bricks on top of each other, wrapped a cotton cloth around them and created a sling knot.
Every day, I walked from home to the gym with this knot held between my jaws.
The idea is to put pressure on the cheekbones. And if you also move your head up and down, it works well for your neck.

People gave me looks.
Their responses were quite funny, ranging from “Is he mad?” to “Wow! Look at him.”

The attention I got was unusual and amusing at the same time.

Except, my cheekbones were still there.
It took 2-3 months for the effects to show up.
No effects at all was also a possibility.

Unusual things always get a lot of attention.
And we continue to measure the success of the outcome by the attention our work gets.

Attention makes us believe that we are on the right track.
But it’s never the attention that influences the outcome, it’s only our work