And here are the remaining facts:

  1. All exits to the room are closed…so we cant escape
  2. Since there are 349 heads people think that the shit wont hit them. They don’t realize how much of it is actually there
  3. Some people, called alums, had apparently been there before. And they told us that there are no fans in the room…forget the shit part…!
  4. So basically…we are screwed…!

Welcome to term 4

Only one word will define the composition of the above. Assignments. And no…you wont have one every 10 days…not even one every week…but one every day. Each and every single day. This is ISB and we are like this…no questions asked…

“Excuse me…could I have my 15 lacs back…?”

The day was hectic. The schedule this term has 3 classes on Tues-Thurs and a class each on Mon-Wed. and given that the term is technically only 4 weeks…we have classes Friday as well…with random timings. The profs are interesting though…

The investment one (Prof. Subrahmanyam) is the biggest geek ever. His speech could give the rajdhani a run for its money…and he does this with his eyes closed. It’s like stevie wonder singing some rap song…awesome fun. And he is good…though I have a feeling that it wont be so as we proceed. Investment is not like…lalalalalalal….ohhh…look what I got…A grade…!!

SAIT (short for the 1st IT course) was good too. Prof Rajiv Banker has, one…a funny way of speaking…two…great sense of humor when it comes to his presentations. The entire presentation was mixed with cartoons from galsbergen ( and they are quite funny.

MO (organizational behavior for the layman) was kind of disappointing…for us and for this dude called Erik Peterson. He was the subject of the case that we discussed…and boy…what a year he had. We read case (A) and (B) and towards the end it was evident that Peterson was screwed…in terms of his workplace performance. However…it didn’t stop there. The prof gave us case (C), (D) and finally (E) and it kept getting from bad to worse for Peterson. He eventually committed suicide in case (E)…!

And with the assignments…it wont be a surprise that the next batch of ISB will read a case on all of us…how we died fighting for our rights…please…for god sake…no assignments every day…!!


PS: I remember that I have to post my take on ‘movies and what makes them successful’. Next post…pukka…unless something else exciting comes up