I have hated advertisers for the longest time ever…partly because I think they do a good job…and partly because they don’t (mostly) know when to stop! While the other has been (somewhat) taken care of by the “Do Not Disturb” act…its the first one that I speak about today.

You will rarely find people with a science (education) background in advertising. Before you jump onto why, I think the rationale is more fundamental (and nothing at all to do with capability, as you might have imagined!). The 2 fields are opposite to each other, in principle.

Science, as a concept, relies on the real world. Its premise is that value can only be created by ‘creating’ something. Actually building it. Something that requires raw materials, labor, operations etc.

Advertising on the other hand, relies on perception value. Its premise is that value can be created by simply altering perception. You can actually create something out of nothing.

And there is no better explanation for this statement, than the video below. Absolutely Brilliant!