Reminds me of the kings, who long after their ‘kingdom’ had vanished, still insisted that they are kings and insisted on living that way!

Air India, yet again (but this time bigger and better!) posted losses, amounting to a shocking Rs 7,226 Crores in the last 2 fiscals! Ok…let me take that back. Its not shocking, more like expected!

But THIS is shocking

AI issued an order allowing chairman and managing director Arvind Jadhav and his spouse to travel first class on its flights, whether on work or leisure. The order also allows serving chief executive’s parents and children to travel in AI’s business class during vacation.

The mayhem continues

The diktat making it mandatory for senior officials to fly only economy class, part of AI’s much touted economy drive, has also been reversed in this latest order

And stamping it down is the addendum

AI and IA’s retired CMDs or MDs will be entitled to business class travel along with their spouses, parents and children. The same will apply to people who retired from the posts of DGM to corporate directors

Read the entire shit here…! And honestly, it is shit!