The first time the thought to resign from the position of CEO of nearbuy came to my head, I was in denial.
Almost dismissed that thought.
Until it started getting bigger.

And when the thought kept coming to my mind over and over again, I sat down with other two startup founder friends, where they asked me a question: “Do you think you staying at nearbuy would make a big difference to the company?”

I think I knew the answer.

And it was the time to move on.

As much as I believed in nearbuy and still do, handing over that baby of mine to my other cofounders was in hindsight, the right decision for the company and myself. It was hard, or perhaps it wasn’t. But certainly it was right. Even though you know the rightness of a decision only after making it, I’m glad I made it.

Moving on, teaches us so much about moving within…