As much as you all shower your love to me online for motivation, the truth is: It doesn’t work!

If you are motivated one day, you end up working out.
What if you aren’t motivated the other 29 days of the month?

Motivation is that trusted friend whom we want to trust but ends up breaking our trust each time, not intentionally, rather out of its very nature.

The best way to do the work, is to do the work!
Every single day.
Even when you don’t feel like.
By putting it down on your calendar.
And then showing up and doing it – even when you don’t feel like doing it.

You will be stunned at the results that show up, once you show yourself that you will never stop showing up to do the work – irrespective of the weather, bruise in your toe or your water bottle leaking on the floor.

Doing the work is powerful, that brings every other power we could think of.