I hate myself for being this irregular blogger…trying to convince my own self that its because of lack of time. While all these years I have harping on the fact that time is always a matter of decision. If you want…you shall always have time…

I am guessing people wont be interested in the above gibberish. So I shall move on…

The past 15 odd days have been awesome. And intimidating lately. The break was supercool. Delhi, as always, was a pleasure to live through. Went for movies, dinners, dandiya and a road trip as well (which was planned 15 mins before we stepped into the car…!). amazing fun…coupled with the usual feeling of ‘damn…I don’t want to go back…!’

Coming back has been quite an experience as well. I have taken up all 4 Fin courses and believe me…the feeling is at times of ‘so…who do you think you are…superman…!”. So much so that to display the same I was wearing a superman tee day before…much to people’s amusement…!

But then…the courses are pretty good.

Advanced Corp Fin is something that I didn’t want to miss taking. However, the professor’s reputation precedes him. the 1st class was some kind of a trailer of what is to follow…however I have a feeling that it wont be as bad as it has been projected.

Fixed Income was good…and easy in the 1st class…though it could be simply because of the fact that most of it was a repetition from last term’s course. The prof reminds me of Rob Stein (Term 1)…and seems to be pretty cool. Is a prof at the Institute of Management at Tel Aviv…!

Financial Reporting and Analysis is something I am dreading…given my experience with accounting. I don’t know why…the balance sheet hasn’t really registered inside…and same with the income statement. Maybe I am trying hard enough…

Options and Futures by the Dean. The course was never meant to be ‘oh u know what…this is an option…which sells for Rs 10. So if you buy one…how much do you have to pay…?’ course. It will surely be one hell of an analytics driven course…and I guess the 1st class psyched people out. Lets see how it uncovers as time goes along.

Loads of things to look forward to this weekend. We have a talk by Shekher Kapur and Mohammad Khan (Ad Guru) Saturday afternoon followed by Dandiya Night organized by the Spouses Association. Our group also has the ELP client meeting this Friday. We have come up with some really fundoo recommendations…however they are quite drastic in nature. So lets hope the reception is good.

Apart from that…placements have started to take a serious turn. Preparing the CV…working on this and that…and what not…and with Deustche Bank coming for recruitment…(yes…I am planning to apply)…it makes the entire deal all the more rigorous.

I just realized…this is the most serious entry ever…! Damn I have killed myself…! (