The 1st ‘big’ thing happened on campus. And no…its not me getting pregnant…!

The McK shortlist came out on Monday. They have, fortunately for all of us, increased the number to 35 (a jump of 10 from last year) and all the smart people were part of the list (quite possibly the reason why I wasn’t).

What was however a relief of sorts was that not all of them are the ‘top graders’…if I may even dare to say so. Maybe speaks for McK’s conscious decision to interview with people who they think bring more to the table than simply academic excellence…and that too in just a single (maybe insignificant) year of their life…!

Go on guys…rocks the McK guys…force them to take all 35 of you…! :)

A lot of action happening on the PLACOM front. There are concerns from the marketing segment of the batch that there isnt an exciting representation of marketing firms in the registered companies list. Which, I admit, is the truth. However…there is a reason behind it. Most companies have been used to hiring at the entry level…the Management Trainee position. Now for them to undertake a mind shift and start hiring for laterals, requires quite some convincing on our part. More importantly, the BD guys are not even sure whether students of ISB (you know the usual…5 years work ex…etc etc) will be willing to accept MT positions. So…there has been some gap on that front. We are working hard to fill that up…and insha allah…things will work out just fine…

And then the entire tiering process. But then that’s another story altogether…!

Really exciting period ahead…I hope at some level fate allows me to be part of the excitement…!