I have a golden rule for policy making

Solve for the 95%, not for the 5%

Look around you.

Most rules and policies are drafted to curb the 5% that deviate. Not to acknowledge the 95% that adhere.

No car blinds for the 5% rapists 

Punch cards for the 5% free loaders 

25 yrs drinking limits for the 5% that can’t control 

Daily reviews for the 5% that can’t self manage

Bell curve for the 5% that don’t fit in


And it’s obvious why that’s the case

It’s the 5% that create the most chaos

They make the most noise

They destroy the most

They seek the most attention

They get the most attention
The 5% will make themselves visible come what may. The hard work then is to make the 95% visible.

Don’t let the 5% takeover