The famous Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai opened in 1903 at Rs. 6 per room.
Today, that same room costs Rs. 26,000. 

That’s 7.2% annual inflation for 120 years! 

If your money is not growing (post taxes) at atleast this rate, it is LOSING value every year. 

I am against FDs as an investment option because it protects your money.
Does not help it grow.

Banks clickbait you by offering stability and security in the form of FDs.
And then, resell the same money to you at higher rates, through loans. 

What DOES help your money grow is investing it in the stock market.
Is it risky? Yes.

You cannot eliminate the risk. 

You can manage it, though.
Through time. 

Consider this — the probability of gaining more than 8% returns, had you invested for more than 10 years in Nifty50 (India’s top 50 stocks on the National Stock Exchange), has been 100% till date. 

You don’t have to be an expert.
You don’t have to pick stocks.
You don’t have to run numbers. 

Just start investing.
Every month — through an SIP — and stay committed for 10+ years.
The Nifty50 Index Mutual Fund is a great place to start.